Meet Our Team

Meet Tessa.
What do you do at Hattie Rex?  I'm the boss lady.  I design new products and create one-of-a-kind pieces.  I dream, set goals, and make decisions.
What did you do pre-Hattie?  In my former life, I was a high school Spanish teacher.
Where's home?  Currently, downtown Bozeman, Montana.  Previously, Missouri and North Carolina.
What's your favorite Hattie product?  Currently, these turquoise rings. 
What's your favorite dinosaur? T-Rex for his badass ferociousness.
What's your hidden talent? Celebrating.  And making guacamole.
What's your spirit animal? A fawn.  She reminds me to be gentle with myself and others.  It's a necessary counterpart to the T-Rex.  
What makes you feel alive?  Being outside, in the woods, with sunshine. 
Who (or what or where) warms your heart?  Sofia, every day.  

Ceel, Hattie Rex Operations Coordinator
Meet Cassandra.  AKA Ceel.
What do you do at Hattie Rex? T.C.O.B! More specifically, I am the Operations Coordinator which means I get to do a little of everything from computers to power tools and everything in-between :)
What did you do pre-Hattie? Barista and all around coffee snob. I have toned this down somewhat since Hattie came into my life, I think.
Where's home? Montana.
What's your favorite Hattie product? At the moment...probably the Chevron and Chevron Stratus necklaces. 
What's your favorite dinosaur? T-Rex, always and forever!
What's your hidden talent? Fine art works created in Microsoft Paint Program, the older the version the better.
What's your spirit animal? Raccoon! (aka Trash Pandas)
What makes you feel alive? Thunder Storms.
Who (or what or where) warms your heart? Raccoons. Montana. All dogs. Some cats. Making things. Friends. Family. Mountains. Videos of when a Military person comes home and their dog is so excited to see them. Whiskey. 

Sofia, the Hattie Rex Shop Dog
Meet Sofia
What do you do at Hattie Rex?  I'm the shop dog.  I lounge, model, greet, and entertain. 
What did you do pre-Hattie?  I was a stay-at-home.
Where's home?  Downtown Bozeman, Montana.  
What's your favorite Hattie product?  I love the quiet collar ID tags because they make me stealthy and ninja-like while I'm hunting. 
What's your hidden talent? Finding snacks and hunting rabbits.
What's your spirit animal? Cats.  I love cats.   
What makes you feel alive?  Cats.  Also, the mailman, the UPS man, treats, toys that squeak, and strutting down Main Street. 
Who warms your heart? My best friend DB (Dumpster Bear), Sten Dad, hunky German Shepherds, and the adoring eyes of our store customers. 
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